28 July, 2023

Understanding Shade Percentage in Shade Net: A Comprehensive Guide


Shade net plays a crucial role in providing protection from the sun’s intense rays in various industries, including agriculture, horticulture, gardening, and livestock farming. The shade net percentage in shade net is a vital factor to consider when choosing the right net for specific purposes. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the concept of shade percentage, its applications, and the best shade percentages for different uses of shade net.

What is Shade Net?

Shade net, also known as shade cloth, is a specially designed material made from woven or knitted high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Its primary function is to regulate the amount of sunlight that reaches the covered area. This versatile material comes in different shade percentages, each offering varying degrees of sun protection.

What is Shade Percentage in Shade Net?

Shade percentage refers to the amount of sunlight that can penetrate through the shade net. It is calculated by determining the percentage of light blocked by the net. For instance, a 50% shade cloth will block 50% of the incoming sunlight, allowing the remaining 50% to pass through.

What does 35% Shade Net Mean and its Application?

A 35% shade net blocks 35% of the sunlight, making it suitable for semi-shade applications. It provides adequate protection from the scorching sun while allowing sufficient sunlight for plants that thrive in partially shaded conditions. This shade percentage is ideal for nurseries, small-scale crops, and delicate flowers that require filtered sunlight.

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What does 50% Shade Cloth Mean and its Application?

A 50% shade cloth blocks half of the sunlight, offering balanced protection for various applications. This percentage is commonly used in greenhouses, gardens, and outdoor recreational areas. It protects plants from excessive heat and helps reduce water evaporation, creating a favorable environment for their growth.

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What is 75% Shade Cloth and its Application?

A 75% shade cloth blocks 75% of the sunlight, providing substantial protection from intense sunlight. This shade percentage is popularly used in livestock farming, poultry houses, and shading sensitive plants. It helps in preventing heat stress, maintaining a comfortable environment for animals and delicate crops.

For your livestock shelter needs, consider using the SunSafe Agro Shade Net with a 75% shade percentage to ensure the well-being of your animals. (Link to product: Shade Net)

What is 90% Shade Cloth and its Application?

A 90% shade cloth is the highest shade percentage available, blocking 90% of the sunlight. This level of protection is suitable for areas with extreme heat conditions or sensitive crops that require minimal direct sunlight. It is commonly used in regions with scorching summers and for shading high-value crops.

If you have delicate plants or need to shield your crops from intense sunlight, the SunSafe Agro Shade Net with a 90% shade percentage is an excellent investment. (Link to product: Shade Net)

What is the Best Shade Percentage for Different Uses of Shade Net?

The best shade percentage depends on the specific needs of the application. For nurseries and delicate flowers, 35% shade netting strikes a balance between protection and sunlight. On the other hand, 50% shade cloth is versatile and suitable for most garden and greenhouse settings.

In livestock farming and poultry, a 75% shade cloth provides the ideal shading to maintain a comfortable environment. Meanwhile, 90% shade netting is the top choice for extreme heat conditions and sensitive crops.


Understanding shade percentage in shade net is vital for choosing the right level of sun protection for different applications. Whether it’s nurturing delicate plants, creating a comfortable environment for animals, or shielding crops from extreme heat, the appropriate shade percentage can make a significant difference.

Consider the unique requirements of your specific application and opt for high-quality shade net products like the SunSafe Agro Shade Net to ensure optimal results and protection. (Link to product: Shade Net)

Choose wisely, and let shade netting become your trusted companion in providing the perfect amount of shade and sunlight for your plants and animals alike.