Green Shade Net

green shade net is used for protection of plants

Green Shade net

Green shade net is made of polyethylene (HDPE) material by adding UV stabilizers and anti-oxidants. HDPE sunshade net has the characteristics of lightweight, high-strength, anti-aging, large-area coverage and it has the ability to adjust control environment, optimizing climate and improve plants in the growth of adverse climate conditions.

Sunshade Net

Sunshade net proves to be the best Ultra Violet Rays protector for crops, various shade percentage of the agro net, green net, plastic net, agriculture net, provide paramount protection to plants.

Green net

Green Shade Net is used as shading net. Agro Shade net is also used for general purpose shading requirements.

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Benefits of Agro Shade Net

The Agro net is made from virgin raw material, and in addition, the Green nets are UV-stabilized, which helps them last longer outdoors and prevents degradation caused by ultra-violet sun rays. Furthermore, the Green Net does not decay or absorb moisture, which prevents them from sagging. Additionally, Green Net is strong enough to withstand pesticides and chemical spraying that occurs in greenhouses.

Shade Net Price

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Advantages of Agro Net

Every plant has its own unique requirements for sunlight and shade, and providing the right balance of these factors is essential for optimal growth and production. By carefully selecting the appropriate shade factor, growers can create the ideal climate for their plants to thrive. As a result, plants are able to reach their maximum potential and produce the highest quality yields. Ultimately, by understanding and meeting the specific needs of each plant, growers can achieve greater success and profitability in their operations.

Green Shade Net

Due to use of Green Net Plant leaf temperatures are lowered to the same level as surrounding air temperature and it is this mechanism, which accounts for the improved productivity of the plants.

  • Light :- Enhances Photosynthesis by manipulating the amount and quality of light.
  • Temperature control : Improves productivity by moderating extremes of temperatures, prevents sunburn.
  • Reduces crop damage against hail, heavy rain and winds.
  • Uniform shade & Soil support.
  • Provides a pleasant working environment.

Presently shade nets are available in different colors i.e. white, black, red, blue, yellow and green and in combinations:

1. Green x Black  Net cut off un-wanted U.V rays and gives aesthetic look. Used in grape for providing shade and helps in drying.

2. Black x Black Shade Net – it absorbs and radiates heat inside the shadenet house. Used in nursery raising.

3. White x Black – diffuses the light inside the shadenet house. Mainly used for flowers such as Gerbera, Anthurium etc.

4. Green x Green  enhance the process of photosynthesis in plants resulting better foliage in ornamental plants.

As shade nets are easy to use, come in attractive colors and dose not fade easily, Green Net has made inroads in the applications of general purpose like car park, swimming pool covers etc.

Green Net Colors

Red, Green, Blue, White,