Anti hail net

anti hail net used in himachal pradesh to protect apple orchards from hailing


Anti-Hail Net protects crops throughout the year to avoid damage caused by hail, birds and other attacks. It is suitable for crops such as fruits and vegetables, saplings, and flowers. And hail protection net can be installed directly on crops, canopies or greenhouse fences and other inclined or vertical structures. Anti-hail nets are lightweight, flexible, and easy to install and uninstall.

Anti hail netting is made of high-quality virgin polyethylene monofilament weaved by specific technology. It features high tensile strength and elasticity. Its strong elasticity can prevent hail from damaging crops. Unprotected hail wounds may result in infection, affecting productivity in the future. The special network structure allows roots to pass through the mesh but unharmed. In order to ensure the continuity of production, installation of hail cloth is the most advantageous choice.

The transparent anti hail protection net allows the crops to obtain stable UV rays and fully obtain the required sunshine. Anti hail nets last 5 years, it’s high-quality and durable, also lightweight and easy to reinstall. With all the features, anti-hail nettings can reduce extra expenses and costs to get the most benefit from production.

A high density polyethylene, super stabilised against UV rays, used ot prevent hail damage in a broad variety of crops. A high quality, net with latest German Design used to protect fruit, shrubs, buds, and seedings from damage caused by hail. Knitted in widths upto 9 mtrs. Other width are obtainable upon request. Flexible, Light, strong and easy to spread and can be placed on simple support structures.

Anti Hail Net Mono Type Israel Design

mono type anti hail net used for protecting apple orchard against hailing