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Benefits of Agro Shade Net

Green net are made out of Virgin raw material.They are U.V. stabilized which helps them to last long outdoor and prevents them from degradation caused by ultra violate sun rays. Green Net don’t decay nor do they absorb moisture thus preventing them from hanging down. Green Net are strong enough to withstand pesticides and chemical spraying that goes in greenhouses.

Advantages of Shade Net Manufacturers

Every plant has its own individual requirements of sun light and shade under which it flourishes at its best. By providing the right balance with the correct shade factor, the optimum climatic conditions are created under which the plants production are maximized.

Green Net

Due to use of Green Net Plant leaf temperatures are lowered to the same level as surrounding air temperature and it is this mechanism, which accounts for the improved productivity of the plants.

Presently shade nets are available in different colors i.e. white, black, red, blue, yellow and green and in combinations:

1. Green x Black  Green Net cut off un-wanted U.V rays and gives aesthetic look. Used in grape for providing shade and helps in drying.

2. Black x Black Shade Net – it absorbs and radiates heat inside the shadenet house. Used in nursery raising.

3. White x Black – diffuses the light inside the shadenet house. Mainly used for flowers such as Gerbera, Anthurium etc.

4. Green x Green  Green Net– enhance the process of photosynthesis in plants resulting better foliage in ornamental plants.

As shade nets are easy to use, come in attractive colors and dose not fade easily, Green Net has made inroads in the applications of general purpose like car park, swimming pool covers etc.

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Agro Shade Net

Agro Shade net are available in various shade percentages, GSM, Green net are manufactured from 1 meter to 6 meter width and length as per customers requirement. Plastic nets are available in various colors.

Uses of Shade Nets

Shade nets are applied in various horticulture and agriculture cultivation of crops, shade net is also used as scaffolding nets, construction nets, Interior and exterior decoration. Green Nets are also used as bird protecting nets