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Green Net, Plastic net, Agro Shade net are applied in various horticulture and agriculture cultivation of crops, shade net is also used as scaffolding nets, construction nets, Interior and exterior decoration. Green Net is also used as bird protecting nets.

Green Net are Used for raising nurseries of fruits and vegetable. This Plastic Net Protects crops from natural weather disturbances such as wind, rain, hail, frost, snow, bird and insects. Agro Net is used in production of graft saplings and reducing its mortality during hot summer days. Agro Shade Net helps in quality drying of various agro products. Agriculture net are also used for protection in construction purpose this plastic net, green net are also known as Construction Safety Net.

This Plastic net, Green Net, Agro Net are manufactured in Rajkot – Gujarat,┬áshade net price is cost effective.

Agricultural & Horticultural


Shade Nets are basically used to provide shade to Green House in Agriculture sector which is the reason why they are also known as Agro Nets. These Green Houses are made out of Iron, Wooden or Plastic skeleton structures which are then covered by shade net as per specific requirements. These shade nets are made to provide various density shades ranging from 25% to 95%. These Green Houses help in providing year round protection from sunlight, heat, cold & wind for raising off season crops through the year. These Shade Nets are also Custom made. (As per customer requirements )

Anti Hail Net


A high density polyethylene, super stabilized against UV rays, used ot prevent hail damage in a broad variety of crops. A high quality, net with latest German Design used to protect fruit, shrubs, buds, and seedings from damage caused by hail. Knitted in widths upto 9 mtrs. Other width are obtainable upon request. Flexible, Light, strong and easy to spread and can be placed on simple support structures.

Scaffolding net / Construction Net


Sunsafe nets are used to improve the safety of construction site. Our Nets are durable and easy to install. Thus giving maximum safety at construction sites.

Interior and Exterior decoration


Special type of Nets are available for decoration. This type of shade nets are available in various sizes and different colours and designs. Two color nets are also available in any width. Sunsafe Nets are used by reputed tent house suppliers, Mandap services, and many other decorations.

General Purpose application


Sunsafe nets are also applicable in various other fields such as, a. Wind Breakers, b. Covering Swimming pools. c. Poultry Shades. d. Parking Shades .

Ultimate Solution for Agro Shade Net

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Agro Shade Net

Agro Shade net are available in various shade percentages, GSM, Green net are manufactured from 1 meter to 6 meter width and length as per customers requirement. Plastic nets are available in various colors.

Green Net Advantages and Benefits

Sunsafe Nets is providing number of advantages to greenhouse farmers, shade net house cultivation